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Healing from infidelity is a tricky topic to tackle. We know that when one partner engages in an affair, they completely change the dynamic of the relationship. These indiscretions often involve a complete shattering of trust within the partnership. You will always heal, and sometimes that means together, sometimes it means you must go your separate ways. To figure out if the relationship can survive, you must first deduce if the cheating is indicative ofRead more –>

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We have already discussed the traits that can serve as potential warning signs for people who are predisposed to adulterous behavior. We know to look out for issues related to addiction and low impulse control. Is there any other way that we can predict infidelity? There is no surefire method of discerning if your partner might seek out an affair. There is, however, one common factor that many cases of infidelity have in common. IfRead more –>

If you have children, parenting differences can take a huge toll on your relationship. If you both have different opinions on how things should be, what parenting should look like, and what types of relationships you should be aiming for, it can be challenging to come together and raise your children. You might find yourself growing angry or frustrated with your partner, arguing about parenting, undermining each other, or otherwise arguing with each other aboutRead more –>