We have already discussed the traits that can serve as potential warning signs for people who are predisposed to adulterous behavior. We know to look out for issues related to addiction and low impulse control. Is there any other way that we can predict infidelity?

There is no surefire method of discerning if your partner might seek out an affair. There is, however, one common factor that many cases of infidelity have in common. If your existing relationship is sick or in need of maintenance, then attending to those issues would be the most effective way to safeguard yourself against a potential intruder. The following are signs that your relationship could be in danger:

  • You and your significant other are spending less and less time together. Neither of you is making room for one another. Couples tend to go through cycles of being affectionate and then to keep their distance; however, if your partner is being extreme in their avoidance, it could mean that something else is happening.
  • You spend most of your time on your cell phone, and your partner does the same. When the honeymoon period ends, it can be difficult to avoid phone habits. We are all guilty of using our phones in the evenings when we are looking to entertain ourselves after a long day. A relationship that is in trouble will see an even more dramatic uptick in time spent in the presence of another distraction. If you and your partner have stopped speaking regularly, this can be a warning.
  • There is no longer time set aside for deep or meaningful conversations. You aren’t finding time to talk through your beliefs and views.
  • Resentment is beginning to take over the relationship, and you find yourself snapping at your partner. Day to day life can wear on couples, but if you find yourself being increasingly annoyed with your partner or vis versa, this can be a sign that things are headed in the wrong direction.
  • You feel as though you are no longer a priority in your partner’s eyes. Does your significant other still make time for you? Have you been taking a backseat to their friends or other engagements? This can be a sign that the relationship is becoming stagnant.
  • They are spending more time than usual away from you.
  • They (or you) are sexually withdrawn. There are a good number of reasons for a change in sex-drive. You should feel self-conscious, or they could be stressed out. Sex slowing down in combination with other factors can be a sign that the relationship needs repairs.
  • They are vague or evasive in their responses toward you. If they seem to be withholding information from you, this can indicate that they are becoming closed off.


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